Quality Intruder Alarms London

Control your burglar alarm with your smartphone by coming to Galician Security Solutions Ltd. We offer installations, upgrades, and maintenance on a huge range of wired and wireless intruder alarms. What’s more, you can access your alarm through your device to set/unset your system, receive alerts of any alarm or fault on your system and check a full event history list too, making it a lot easier to keep an eye on your property.

We are SSAIB Registered Firm for Intruder Alarms and CCTV.

We can offer you the wireless or wired alarm that you want. We work with systems such as Pyronix, Texecom, Scantronic, Visonic, Honeywell and more!

We use a range of intruder alarm systems to help ensure that your property is fully protected 24/7.
From simple motion detectors and door sensors through to Alarm Monitoring, we can install an alarm system to fulfill every budget and requirement.
High Quality products and reliable engineers highly experienced.

Install or Upgrade
If you require an installation or upgrade, look no further. We can offer:

  • Wired Intruder Alarm Installation
  • Wireless Intruder Alarm Installation
  • Intruder Alarm Upgrade
  • Intruder Alarm Maintenance

All of our Intruder Alarms are installed to meet the required British and Europen Standards. (BS EN50131, PD6662:2010, DD243:2010)

Contact us to find out more about our burglar and intruder alarms.